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700Credit focuses on delivering the most robust, bureau-inclusive credit, compliance, prescreen and consumer pre-qualification solutions on the market today.

We offer credit reports from the Big 3: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Our volumes enable us to offer credit reports and very competitive prices. Our compliance solutions are best-in-class and are designed to keep our dealers in compliance seamlessly with every transaction. We offer OFAC compliance, Red Flag solutions, score disclosure notices, adverse action notices, Military Lending Act (MLA), Synthetic ID detection and more.

Our soft-pull solutions are designed to provide our dealers with critical credit file information further up in the sales process - without the customer's so dealers can work the right deals, right away. We offer both consumer-facing pre-qualification and dealer-facing prescreen solutions. Neither require the customer's SSN or DOB so there is no effect on the consumer’s credit file.

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QUICKQUALIFY: Web-based Soft Pull Solution

Do you want more qualified leads from your dealership website? Who doesn’t!

QuickQualify is a web-based pre-qualification solution that utilizes a credit bureau soft pull which drives higher consumer engagement without requiring a SSN or DOB. QuickQualify has been proven to increase the number of leads dealers get from their website by an average of 3-4 times! Here are a few points to know about QuickQualify:

  • Provides access to your customers credit report and FICO score – before they walk into your dealership!
  • This is a soft-pull solution that does not affect the consumer’s credit score.
  • Provides the consumer’s live FICO score as well as insight into auto loans, interest rates, payments & more
  • Scores align with your finance office
  • Data can be automatically populated in your CRM, DMS, DealerTrack, RouteOne and CUDL
  • Our engaging whiteboard video drives the ease and benefits to the consumer.
  • The short form only asks for name & address – no SSN or DOB required! This is a soft-pull solution does not impact their credit score.
  • The strategic placement of banners and buttons drives consumer engagement. We work with dealers to provide our best practices for banner placement that drives the most consumer engagement.

QuickQualify returns the following information to the dealer:

  • Live FICO Score
  • Available Revolving Credit
  • Auto Inquiries in last 30 days
  • Summary of all the auto trade lines including:
    • Current Monthly Payments
    • Current Auto Loan Interest Rate
    • Remaining Balance / Payoff Payment History Months
    • Remaining balance on Auto Loans

With the QuickQualify solution, dealers have the option of getting a full file from Experian and/or Transunion from a QuickQualify inquiry.

  • Note: This full file can not be used to fund the deal. A separate hard pull will have to be done.




QuickQualify is a web-based platform and pre-qualification solution that drives greater consumer engagement, and it provides a full credit profile and FICO score without requiring a SSN or DOB.

The Mobile Dealer App is specifically designed for easier management of a dealership’s soft-pull leads generated by the QuickQualify solution. Dealers are immediately alerted when new leads are available and can view their leads quickly and conveniently from their mobile device!

From this simple interface you can:

  • Receive alerts immediately to their phone when consumers complete the QuickQualify web form
  • Optimize interactions with consumers through text and mobile dialing
  • View all applicants and immediately click to view an applicant’s credit score and credit file information
  • Dealers can forward the QuickQualify URL via text or email to consumers to complete from their devices


iOS & Android Formats

The 700Credit Mobile Dealer App is available for both mobile phone (iOS & Android) and tablet formats. It is offered at no charge for QuickQualify customers and can be downloaded from the Apple and Android App Stores by searching for “700Credit”.

Each format includes a secure login screen for a safe and easy access to all your pre-qualified applicants.

Installing the app does require your correct email address or cell phone be setup on your account to verify your user id. Please contact our support team if assistance is required: (866) 273-3848.






QUICKAPPLICATION: Web-based Credit Application

Generate more qualified credit leads through QuickApplication – our web-based solution that replaces the current credit application on your website. QuickApplication puts your customers in control, minimizing the number of fields they need to fill out versus a standard credit application. QuickApplication can automatically populate your CRM, DMS, DealerTrack, RouteOne or CUDL.

QuickApplication is a web-based credit application that incorporates a short video and a customizable web form to capture consumer information to determine the consumer’s credit-worthiness.

There are 2 options available with QuickApplication:

  • Single page – simple form requests only the basic consumer information
  • Multi-page – collects consumer information across multiple pages to capture lead data in case the consumer leaves before the application is completed. Dealer receives all information captured.


  • Uses a short video to encourage customers to obtain a pre-approval in seconds from YOUR dealership!
  • Collects SSN and DOB
  • Captures Consumers authorization to access their credit file
  • Performs a hard inquiry on the credit file
  • All consumer data is available from within dealer’s personal web portal
  • Data can be automatically populated in your CRM, DMS, DealerTrack, RouteOne and CUDL



QUICKSCREEN – Dealer Driven Soft-Pull

Eliminate the guesswork when working a deal – with QuickScreen from 700Credit!

What if you knew your customer’s FICO score and auto credit profile as soon as they walked into your dealership – or drive in for service? What if you had a solution to prioritize inbound leads before you pick up the phone? QuickScreen is integrated with your CRM, so it is easy to access, easy to use. QuickScreen gives you visibility into your customer’s credit profile before you work a deal, so you can work the right deal, right away, saving time and preventing a potentially uncomfortable situation for your customer.

Our QuickScreen platform integrates seamlessly with most CRM and DMS platforms on the market today. When you run a QuickScreen on a customer, the following data is returned to the dealer:

  • Live FICO Score
  • Available Revolving Credit
  • Auto Inquiries last 30 days
  • Summary of Auto Trade Lines Including:
    • Current Monthly Payment
    • Current Auto Loan Interest Rate
    • Original loan term
    • # of late payments
    • Remaining Balance, Term and Estimated Payoff

QuickScreen can be used in several scenarios within your dealership:

  • Qualify and prioritize inbound and internet leads
  • Integrate into your Digital Retailing platform to provide accurate monthly payments using live credit data
  • Mine for opportunities within your CRM
  • Pre-qualify in-store shoppers
  • Sell cars in the service lane


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