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About CarGurus

Founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, co-founder of TripAdvisor, CarGurus is a leading online automotive shopping destination focused on bringing transparency and efficiency to the car research and shopping experience. The site uses technology and market data analysis to help millions of automotive shoppers search for cars and quickly identify the best deals from top-rated dealers in their local area.

CarGurus for Dealers

CarGurus works for dealers because we are delivering transparency to our customers. We provide pricing information and dealer reviews to help shoppers find great deals from top-rated dealers, which in return, creates the most loyal and engaged car shoppers. Because we're delivering a better shopping experience, CarGurus is the number one mobile auto shopping site 1 and has over 33 million unique monthly visitors2. As we continue to grow our visitor count, we're bringing even more traffic to our dealers' listings.

Products for Dealers

CarGurus offers multiple levels of listing packages that allow dealers to show their inventory to high quality, ready-to-buy shoppers. The Basic listing package allows dealers to list their inventory for free on CarGurus and start receiving anonymized leads. The Enhanced and Featured listing packages provide more valuable resources like direct contact information for leads, dealership branding on the VDP, see direct contact information for leads, and access to our proprietary pricing tool.

CarGurus also offers a variety of other products to enable dealers to reach more customers, including:

Display Advertising which allows dealers to own the advertising VDPs, and retarget shoppers who view their VDPs by advertising on sites they visit after Advertise smarter by investing in shoppers who are serious about buying your vehicles. Display ads on CarGurus help you influence an informed audience, resulting in higher quality interactions.

CarGurus SEM Plus combines our technology and data with dealer’s inventory, to optimize large- scale paid search programs that drive traffic directly to a dealer’s website. Our algorithms generate hundreds of thousands of keywords to target and the ads that match them. We continually update campaigns based on available inventory. The product also runs effective retargeting campaigns across the web to extend your dealership’s reach to customers who visit your website from a paid search ad.

To learn what package is right for your dealership, call (855) 981-8308 or visit .


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