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CARS Protection Plus


About us

CARS Protection Plus was founded in September 1998 with just 6 employees and has since grown to a company with a staff of over 120. We have serviced over 20,000 dealers and have products available in all of the lower continental 48 states. Customers may take their vehicle to the licensed mechanic of their choice in any of the 48 states in which we operate. You can be sure CARS will continue to expand and improve our services.

CARS Protection Plus offers comprehensive service contracts with a wide range of coverage to meet the specific needs of your vehicle and budget. With an industry leading 200,000 mile acceptance limitation, our products are designed to cover most vehicles on the road. If you do experience a mechanical issue with your vehicle, CARS will be there to assist with your repairs at the repair facility of your choice.

If the concern is identified as a covered component under your specific plan, you can rest assured you will receive fast, friendly service. CARS will arrange for prompt, hassle-free, payment on authorized repairs directly to your repair facility. We have the fastest payment in the business! Added security, added protection, and added confidence. These are the differences a CARS service contract will make in your vehicle experience.
Protection plans

Our Mission Statement
All CARS Protection Plus business practices will be done in an honest and truthful manner. We know that at times in business there are situations in which there are pressures and opportunities to do business in other ways. There is no middle ground: we demand honesty in every business transaction. No amount of rationalizing can cover for a dishonest business practice. Honesty and fairness are what we at CARS Protection Plus will provide.
Added security. Added Assurance. Added Protection. 
This is the difference that a CARS service contract can make in your new vehicle. For additional information on applying for a CARS service contract speak to your dealer or call 888-335-6838 today
CARS Protection Plus


4431 William Penn Hwy Suite 1
Murrysville, Pennsylvania 15668
United States of America

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