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Power Pusher, Division of Nu-Star, Inc


For over 50 years, Power Pusher®, a division of Nu-Star Inc., has specialized in pedestrian-operated, battery-powered, motorized tugs that are designed to meet safety and productivity initiatives while driving down maintenance and labor costs. Power Pusher’s automotive and material handling tugs meet the diverse and challenging needs of customers, pushing or pulling wheeled or semi-wheeled loads, mobilizing everything from cars, carts, trailers, rail cars and roll cages to airplanes and modular buildings.

The Automotive Power Pusher® electric tug is a safe, cost effective solution for moving inoperable vehicles. It accomplishes the task with two people instead of 5 or 6 that are usually required. The compact, walk behind unit enables two people (one steering) to safely move thousands of pounds with total control and maximum visibility. Each unit is designed to assist in company compliance with OSHA health and safety guidelines that limit the amount of manual pushing and pulling performed by employees.

Requiring no license and little maintenance the Automotive Power Pusher® delivers a powerful, cost-effective moving solution. Power Pusher reduces the manpower and time necessary to move inoperable vehicles, resulting in significant cost savings and gains in productivity. Move everything from passenger vehicles to work trucks, military Humvees to commercial buses and even tractor trailer cabs. If It Rolls . . . We Can Move It. ™


1425 Stagecoach Road
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379
United States of America

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